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In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell shares some notes he got from a seminar in Florida. Tune in for some classic insights!

Here are the show highlights of Secret Notes from Secret Seminar:

  • An interesting crowd (2:13)
  • Parts of the body that relate to vision (6:10)
  • Writing in cursive (8:01)
  • Activate the cerebellum (9:51)
  • Earning your way up (13:43)
  • Stages of stress response (15:49)
  • Speed as a product of relaxation (17:36)
  • Short interesting notes (20:00)
  • Warrior, scholar, healer (22:25)
  • Share who you are (24:28)

An Interesting Crowd

Among the seminar speakers were Matt Furey and Ted Nicholas. Many renowned personalities attended the event. One was world-class athlete who lacked confidence in himself. Sadly, lack of confidence could make you appear inauthentic to those around you.

Parts of the Body that are Related to Vision

Vision—not the actual sight—is related to different parts of the body. The first one is the parietal lobe, which allows you to remember things. It’s where ideas appear.

The second part is the crown of your head, which projects prophecy. It allows you to predict things that are going to happen. You also have the solar plexus located below your chest. It’s where your gut feeling comes from.

Writing in Cursive

Cursive writing is very much tuned into the brain. It allows your bones and ligaments to move naturally. This is why Kyle encourages people to start writing in cursive.

When you try to copy somebody else’s writing, the brain picks up that other person’s experiences. Writing it the same way gives you access to their thoughts. As Kyle puts it, fine motor skills influence gross motor performance.

To hear about the Secret Notes from Secret Seminar, download and listen to the entire episode! An expert in his field, Kyle wants to help people get better in life. Share this to your friends, family, and loved ones.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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