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In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell discusses how the brain reacts to survival. Tune in and learn how you can manage your thoughts to respond better to any situation!

Here are the show highlights of Your Brain is Hell Bent on Survival:

  • Power of the eyes in survival (2:15)
  • Breaking ocular lock (3:58)
  • What is peripheral vision (4:52)
  • Pure physical threat (5:26)
  • The fetal position (6:59)
  • Why exercise feels good (9:37)
  • Deciding based on emotions (11:31)
  • Thinking and movement (12:14)
  • The aging brain (13:30)
  • Designed to be pushed (15:08)

Power of the Eyes

The eyes play a major role in survival. Regardless of where you are, you always want to break eye contact with the threat.

The eyes tell a lot of things about what is going on in the brain. Maintaining eye contact tells the threat to keep going. Realize how powerful the eyes are.

Breaking Ocular Lock

The eyes lose their ability to scan when they are fixed onto something for so long. This is called ocular lock. Remember that the eyes are tied into balance and movement patterns.

Attack is usually sensed from the peripheral vision. It is less likely to be sensed when you’re experiencing ocular lock. This is why you need to realize what is going on in your brain, and avoid looking onto something for so long.

The Fetal Position

Your legs and abs are shortened when you’re sitting. This gives you a ready position when faced with a threat.

In the fetal position, you tuck your knees up to your chest and your head down to your knee or stomach area. This enables you to protect your head. Remember that the way you carry yourself reflects the thoughts of your brain, and sends signals to the threat.

To hear about Your Brain is Hell Bent on Survival, download and listen to the entire episode! An expert in his field, Kyle wants to help people get better in life. Share this to your friends, family, and loved ones.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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