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During today’s podcast, Kyle shares with you his two ‘go-to’ books which have been his guiding light to building his own inner strength and stepping into his greatness.

Here are the show highlights:

  • What happens to your brain when you read a digital book as opposed to a hardcopy book (2:00)
  • How to build your knowledge even if you've got no time to read (2:20)
  • Living fearlessly free: Is it even possible in a world of negativity? Kyle shares his deep rooted thoughts on fear (3:30)
  • The one book you should read to address & conquer your fears head on (4:00)
  • Why your body shuts down in the face of fear (4:50)
  • Why having a ‘Plan B’ won't do you any favours in living your greatest life and what to do instead (7:10)
  • The greatest danger a human can face and its inevitable it could happen to you… (7:40)
  • The ONE thing you must have if you want to achieve anything in life (9:20)
  • Why you should never listen to anyone in an emotional state (12:15)
  • How to see the lessons and benefits in even the worst case problems (13:30)
  • Why you must work on your mind and spirit if you want a truly fulfilled life. (17:40)
  • The three key factors that success is built upon (20:00)

50 Cent

One of Kyle's book recommendations was written by Rap Legend 50 Cent who made his wealth through creating music, movies and books like this one. The book is called ‘The Fiftieth Law’ and its surprising how many people are turned off by this great read. However, inside its covers, Kyle tells you how fear is just an illusion but it's your brain that perceives it as real.

Safety Nets

Having a safety net or ‘plan B’ underneath you for all the just in case moments in life is one of the biggest reasons many people do not reach their true greatness. Kyle learnt this valuable lesson when he left his teaching career with nothing but an idea, massive amounts of passion and a drive to succeed. Having a Plan B stops you from pushing into true greatness. You'll never know what you’re truly capable of in life if you constantly live with a safety net under you.


If you want to achieve anything at all in life, you must have clarity. Having a clear path to follow is essential. Kyle says that having clarity is like a spider on his web: you're much more connected to your environment. The problem many people face is that they only look what's on the surface, searching for short term gains but fail to see the long term benefits.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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