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In a rush? Jump to the show highlights here:

  • The Buddha’s guide to finding happiness (1:20 mark)
  • The power of teaching (3:40 mark)
  • STRESS (and how you can reduce yours) (5:50 mark)
  • A practical exercise you can use to reduce stress right now (9:30 mark)
  • The three reasons that make us feel stressed (10:30 mark)
  • Creating long lasting transformation (14:00 mark)
  • A recipe for disaster that you must avoid (15:20 mark)
  • The TWO key factors that affect your level of perceived ‘threat’ (15:45 mark)
  • Why judgement is so threatening (16:30 mark)
  • Information is NEVER the problem. (17:45 mark)
  • A weird myth about willpower & habit formation (19:30 mark)
  • The ONE thing most people lack in the world today (19:50 mark)

In today’s show, Kyle talks about how he fell in love with Mind Mapping and neuroscience. An in- depth episode into the connection between brain and body, habit formation and how to create lasting transformation rather than short term change in your life.


The brain is hard wired for survival and is constantly scanning for threats in your environment. The body’s nervous system cannot differentiate where your stress is coming from. It sees it all the same. Kyle shares with you the three reasons why we end up in a stressed state and feeling threatened. He also gives you a great practical exercise you can use right now to reduce your own stress.

Mind Mapping

Kyle’s love for the brain and everything neuroscience is broken down in this episode. He gives you a great education in the three levels deep inside the brain and how each one is interconnected and will affect the decisions you make in every situation you face in life.

Transformation VS Change

Creating a lasting transformation is permanent. A change is only temporary. Habit formation takes longer than we think. It actually takes up to 66 days to form a habit that comes second nature and autopilot for a human being. Kyle takes you through the process of both transformation and change and how each of the three parts of the brain handle the situation and what you can do to maximise your chances of creating a lasting transformation.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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