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If you’re in a rush, here are today’s show highlights:

  • Everyone’s got the same goal, you just don't realise it… (1:00 mark)
  • Your own health trumps everything (1:50 mark)
  • Are you as unbreakable as Bruce Willis? (2:10 mark)
  • The worst knee injury ever seen on record (3:30 mark)
  • Fear of the unknown (6:40 mark)
  • Lack of clarity leads to… (8:40 mark)
  • Are you ready when catastrophe strikes? (15:30 mark)
  • Finding the silver lining amongst the dark skies (16:10 mark)

In today’s show, Kyle goes into the gory details about his worst knee injury ever, and why it led to some of his greatest breakthroughs.


People often have no idea what they want in life and don't know what it is they’re are truly destined for. Kyle gives his own insights why he believes everyone is after the same goal despite not even realising it.


Above anything else, your own health is the single most important thing. It doesn't matter what you have materialistically, you don't truly know how much you value your health….until its gone that is.


Kyle’s horrendous knee injury was one of the worst ever seen on record according to his surgeon. He didn't know if he’d make a full recovery. With next to no information found on the internet about his injury, Kyle shares how the fear of the unknown and not knowing what would happen can lead to loss of clarity. Find out how the lack of clarity actually led to some of Kyle’s biggest carrier breakthroughs.

Are You Prepared?

The knee injury taught Kyle a vital lesson. Catastrophe is almost inevitable to strike in your life, but the real question Kyle asks you is ‘are you going to be ready when it strikes?’. Kyle shows you how he relates a lot of his success back to the weights room. Its exactly how he became a positive magnet in the universe today.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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