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Everybody tells you to create content to attract more patients, stand out from your competition and become the go-to chiropractor for your target market.

But what do you do if you had no audience? What if you don’t have thousands of people awaiting your next blog article? Should you just give up content marketing if you’re not a celebrity?

No. The truth is: You can start content marketing without having an audience and still be successful in the long run. The key is a simple shift in your thinking about content marketing.

If you make this change, you can stop worrying if it’ll work and start creating content today, knowing you’ll eventually have a system that continuously attracts patients.

Show highlights include:

  • The only reason anybody has an audience—and how you can use it to grow your own. (4:00)
  • Why “not having an audience” is no excuse not to create content… and how to make sure your content reaches your target market in the long run. (5:31)
  • If you’ve got a practice, here’s why you already have an audience you can grow and send content to. (6:30)
  • How to grow an audience if you’re straight out of school and have never served a single patient in your own practice. (7:50)

For a complimentary video that breaks down 3 concepts that let chiropractors and their practices thrive, check out: https://bit.ly/csasuccesspath

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Hey chiropractors, we're ready for another Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show with Dr. Kevin Christie where we discuss the latest in marketing strategies, contact marketing, direct response marketing and business development with some of the leading experts in the industry.

Kevin: Alright, welcome to another episode. This is your host Dr. Kevin Christie, and today bringing up a topic, it's going to be a solo round and I had a chiropractor ask me this question and I felt like it was going to be a really good thing to discuss. It will be a short and sweet episode, but a topic that definitely needs to be talked about. So we're going to discuss what do you do when you don't have an audience as far as the content you're creating. It can be frustrating that you're starting out without an audience, and so we're going to dive into that question and my thoughts on it, at least. Before we do that, I'm actually excited. We're launching a, for the Chiropractor Success Academy we put together a four part video series. [0:01:06.4]

Teleprompter, professional videographer, did it right where we're going to, each video's going to give you a take-home kind of project or exercise. Video one is going to release, and I want you to check out this link that you can sign up for and get the video, it's bit.ly/CSASuccessPath and you can go to that and register and you'll get the video emailed to you and you'll have access to that first video where I discuss three concepts in there that I think really help a chiropractor thrive, and I break that down into what I think you can use as your guiding light and to success. It's just been totally instrumental in my career, and I think it'll really help you out. [0:02:01.1]

So that's in video one. And then in video two I dive deep into the audience builder. This thing's a 10 page PDF that you're going to be able to download, I whiteboard it out and go over it with you, and so you'll get the whole understanding of how to build a really clearly defined audience, and then apply that clearly defined message to it. So I do that in video two. Video three outline the success path that we're, you know we closed the Chiropractic Success Academy and we're relaunching it because one of the biggest things we're working on is an actual success path and where you would fall into that path and how to kind of assess where you're at, where to enter and it's going to guide you along the way. So we do that as well. And then video four will come out with some information as well and how to kind of put it all together. So video one is actually going to launch on Thursday, September 26th, and then the next four over the next 10 days or so. But just go to that link, bit.ly/CSASuccessPath, it'll be in the show notes as well and you'll be able to register to get those videos for free and just fall into that little four series of information, so check that out, we're excited about it and I think you'll get a lot out of it. [0:03:22.4]

So free, valuable information for you is something I try to do as much as I can. Alright, let's dive into today's episode. The question was I don't have an audience, so should I even create content and put it out there, or it's like I'm creating content but I'm frustrated because I don't have an audience. Well the reality of it is that you can't just magically have an audience. People need to follow you for a reason and you can't start a Facebook business page or an Instagram or a YouTube channel and just have an audience, like there's got to be a reason for you to have an audience. That is because you're providing valuable and consistent content that they want to consume, and then that will grow your audience. [0:04:08.1]

I know for me, my Facebook business page is at over 3000 likes on my Facebook business page. I've been building that audience since probably 2011 on Facebook, and I really targeted Facebook for a while and I've been very consistent with the content that we've run out there, and so it's grown, and so now I've got an audience within Facebook. On the other hand, I struggled with Instagram, and I don't have a great audience there, although my associate's taking over and we're starting to build that as well, but it's about being consistent with the content. Or I even think about the Modern Chiropractor Marketing group. I didn't all of sudden have a Facebook group with 3600 members in there engaged and active. I didn't just all of a sudden have bunch of listeners on the podcast. When I first launched the Facebook group, which was July of 2016, so now we're at three years of that Facebook group, there wasn't many people in there but content was consistently created and implemented to do that. [0:05:12.5]

Then when I launched the podcast, there was a handful listeners the first episode, but then it grew. You got to create the content consistently and be of value, and then that's when the audience will come. So if you're new to this content marketing strategy for your practicing, you're not going to see results right out of the gates, you'll see some, there's that kind of newness to it and you start Instagram page or doing whatever, send emails out, people will do that, but it's going to take time for to gain traction and start really producing results. Content marketing is a long term strategy. I'm so against those just sugar highs in marketing. It's okay to do those as long as you're building a really good base of marketing, which I think content marketing is a great way of doing it, and then you can build on tactics and strategies and get those little boosts, but too many chiropractors, to many business owners in general, that's all there marketing, is just these little one off tactics and campaigns. [0:06:14.9]

You need to have the strategy and the foundation, and then you layer that stuff on there. So it's a long term strategy. Now, what's great about being a chiropractor, now, if you are just launching your practice it's going to be a different story, but if you already have a practice, then you actually have an audience. If you've got a patient list, you have an audience, and a lot of times, I mention it a lot where chiropractors think new patient marketing is the only type of marketing. Well, there is that whole during and there's that after unit. So if you've got a list of patients, of chiropractic patients, then most likely you have a physical address, most likely you have their email address, you can start marketing that way. You could start asking them to leave Google reviews or like your Facebook page, Instagram, whatever. [0:07:06.2]

You can start utilizing them as your audience, start creating content for your patient base during their patient visits and afterwards and work that way, and then you'll start to see your audience build of new people, because you're also targeting that before unit of marketing. So you'll develop an audience that way. So luckily it's not like we're just opening up a donut shop down the street and we don't have an audience at all. Most likely we do. Now, if you are coming out of school and opening a practice or you're leaving in associateship and doing that, you may not have an audience. And obviously that's where I feel like you've got to look at it, if you're coming right, you know, you're fresh out of the gates and opening up this practice, that's where you're going to have to combine long term thinking with some of the online stuff, the content marketing strategy, but then that's that grassroots boots on the ground type of marketing you need to be doing and networking. [0:08:07.1]

And obviously, I had that recently with Dr. Rich Ulm where we talked about that, because again, you're starting with no audience and it's going to take time to get that digital audience, but it can be a lot quicker if you're out meeting five to ten new people week and you're connecting, you're public speaking, it's literally the fastest way you can do build a practice is doing that. You want to obviously have that long-term strategy as well. Just kind of wrap this episode up, I don't want you to start thinking that because you don't have an audience you can't create content, be useful. That's putting the cart before the horse, you definitely need to create consistent content that's useful and the audience will come. That's today's episode, it's short. Create content, marketing strategy, make sure you're doing it, there's strategies of building an audience, do all that. Obviously I mentioned that audience builder exercise, that video series that we're releasing in September, and video two is a full audience builder exercise that I go through on that video, so make sure you sign up for that and you'll get it in your inbox and it'll be a full separate website you'll go to view those videos. Again, that link is bit.ly/CSASuccessPath. Check that out and I hope you have a great week in practice.

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