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Writing “chiropractor” on a sign doesn’t attract patients anymore. If you’re stuck in what used to work, you’ll run one of the practices that used to be.
If you want patients now, you need to be a trusted expert.… READ MORE

Whatever plans you had for your practice are cancelled, delayed or at least radically changed.
With all this craziness, it’s easy to stop until the crisis is over. Don’t. You’ll lose momentum, patient relationships and cash reserves.… READ MORE

If you don’t know what your patients think, you can only guess. You don’t know why patients leave, what treatments they want or if your staff treats them badly.
But if you always knew your patients’ thoughts?… READ MORE

If you’re worried, you’re not alone. All over the country, chiropractors are locked in their houses, wondering when they’ll see patients again.
Let’s face it: Not all practices will survive this crisis.… READ MORE

You can be on top of search results, magnetize patients with your marketing and have the most fine-tuned systems in your practice. But none of it matters if you suck in clinic.
Even the most entrepreneurial chiropractor will sit in an empty office if he doesn’t get his patients results.… READ MORE

Content marketing sucks when nobody cares. When you’re ignored, it’s easy to believe you need to “go viral” and become the latest social media sensation.
But attracting patients with content marketing doesn’t have to be hard.… READ MORE

With a virus demolishing economies, health systems and public life worldwide, it’s easy to get scared. Will your family be alright? How will you make money during a lockdown? Will you still have a practice when this is over?… READ MORE

Unless you run a giant practice, company culture and customer experience probably sound like corporate words—not something you should focus on. You need to get patients, work less and help people, right?… READ MORE

You want to help your patients remove their pain and see their smiles when they leave your practice.
But all too often, chiropractors get treated like second rate doctors from people who don’t know any better.… READ MORE

Getting new patients with advertising is nice. But if that’s your only method of getting patients, you’re always “buying” your new patients. The problem? Unless you’re in a metropolis, you’ll run out of people to serve—and your ads might not work a year from now.… READ MORE

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