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As an ambitious chiropractor, you’re probably reading books to improve: Get better in practice, at business and in marketing.

While books are helpful, they’re nothing more than entertainment (that feels productive) if you don’t apply their lessons to your practice and life.

In this episode, you’ll hear about 5 books that contain actionable business lessons you can execute now to grow your practice.

If you’re ready to stop reading for entertainment and watch your practice run like a well-oiled machine, give this episode a listen now and start becoming an effective CEO.

Show highlights include:

  • The biggest reason chiropractors don’t reach their goals. This has nothing to do with their skills or attitude and everything to do with the road they choose to accomplish their goals. (1:51)
  • One book to get a new practice off the ground quickly and program its “operating system” for sustainable success. (2:56)
  • The one-question “evaluation tool” on whether to fire someone from your team. (10:10)
  • One book Kevin mails to all of his one-on-one coaching clients’ doorsteps that gives them clarity and shows them exactly what to do to reach their personal version of success. (6:02)
  • Read this favorite of the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots if you’re done stressing about problems and want to start tackling them head-on! (8:10)

As of July 1st, we closed the Chiropractic Success Academy for a few months, but the good news is you can join the waitlist notified when we reopen it. Just sign up for the list here: https://www.csacircle.com/waitlist

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Hey chiropractors, we're ready for another Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show with Dr. Kevin Christie where we discuss the latest in marketing strategies, contact marketing, direct response marketing and business development with some of the leading experts in the industry.

Kevin: Alright, welcome. Another episode of Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show, this is your host Dr. Kevin Christie. Today I've got a solo episode with you. A couple weeks back we did my top five marketing books and today we're going to dive into my top five business books. Obviously the thriving chiropractor has to be really good clinically, has to be really good from a marketing standpoint, got to have good communication, and you really want to have good business acumen if you're going to own a practice or be a partner in one, and there's been a handful of books that have been great. I read a ton and I narrowed it down to five, and so we'll dive into that. Before we do I actually, I do have room for one more one-on-one coaching client, I got a handful of those and been really able to get the process down really well, so I can handle another person. [0:01:12.3]

Now, if you're interested just go to the website ModernChiropracticMarketing.com and there's a contact form submission you can send it to, me I'll see if we're a good fit and narrow it down to a person to bring on. This is where we really dive into a lot of the details, a lot of the tools we. I have a full process now of different tools we implement and use, marketing strategies, accountability, business, you name it, really help get you to where you want to. I think one of the biggest things that I'm doing is trying to get you on a path, like figure out where we want to get to get on that path and stay on it. So many times, we know where we want to go and we start down this path and then we get the shiny object over here or this obstacle over there, and we end up going down these different paths and we end up lost. [0:02:00.6]

We're going to develop a path and obviously keep you on that path and achieve your goal. So check that out the website, you can fill out the contact form if you're interested. I'm taking one person. So hope someone out there feels like they need some help, and sometimes you're... I've got some clients that I'm working with that are just killing it doing really well, they just feel like they're on an island and they need help to get to the next level. Then I get some that are trying to get through the weeds a little bit, but the matter where you're at, maybe you need some help and I can do that for you. Alright, so let's dive into the books. I'm going to give you an order of what I feel like are my top five, and the number one in my heart of hearts is the number one and the fifth is the fifth out of five. All equally important, but for me just this was just the order I felt like, yeah, if I had to start with one book this is where I would go, and then I would go from there. The first book is Traction by Gino Wickman. I think a lot of people have heard of this or read it. [0:03:02.1]

This is where they introduced the whole concept of EOS, the Entrepreneur Operating System. I actually had interviewed Dr J. Greenstein not that long ago, maybe last year and he is an EOS implementer as well and he does a lot for his practice, I do this a lot in my practice as well. I am not an EOS implementer, I just really love it. The things that this is done for me has been weekly team meetings and having a strategy around it, quarterly meetings, planning goals. We don't do a full day quarterly meeting like they recommend in the book, we do a half day Friday once a quarter, and we use the company scorecard in here, which we've also taken and we've changed it a bit to add some leading indicators and trailing indicators to it and as part of what's in the Chiropractic Success Academy, and it really helps you achieve some of the goals. We will utilize that. I also got a lot out of this book about hiring and firing, and it just has a good thought process on that, and evaluation tools. [0:04:04.5]

That's why I like it, I like about the book is they give you the tools, like the downloads, you can go right to the website and get it for free, which is just really helpful. So it's a book that is going to help you get good business systems in place, which I feel like we all need, and their Entrepreneur Operating System, or their EOS is broken down into a kind of a pie chart here, and in the center is your business and then it's got a section that's creating vision, the people, so there's a people section and getting the right people, issues, figuring out what issues there are and really tackling them, processes, data. it's a big part of it where we track in the Chiropractic Success Academy and when I work with one on ones, is getting the practice analytics down, so we know. If we don't measure it, we're really not going to understand our growth or some of the pitfalls. So data is a big one, and then that's going to help gain the traction. So it's a really good book, it's in my opinion not a difficult read and it's just super, it's laid out so well and it can really just be the foundation of your business. [0:05:10.4]

So that is Traction by Gino Wickman. I was also lucky enough, they wrote a second book called Rocket Fuel, which I don't know how much that one applies, I love the book but try to apply it to a chiropractor practice is different cause that's where they talk about every business should have a visionary and then an implementer, and if you're the visionary, so if you're like the chiropractic entrepreneur you should hire an implementer. That can be expensive and not all of us can handle that. If you're a big chiropractic business and maybe multiple locations you could do that, but the co-writer of that one was Mark Winters, so Gino Wickman and Mark Winters wrote Rocket Fuel. I got to see Mark Winters speak about the EOS at a Strategic Coach kind of special event, it was really helpful as well. So check out that book, that's Traction by Gino Wickman. [0:06:01.4 ]

The second book that I want to recommend is The Unique Ability Discovery 2.0. This is a Strategic Coach book, and it has an accompanying workbook. I actually send this, the book and the workbook to the one-on-one clients I have, and I feel like this is great because it gets you super clear on your unique ability. Some people argue this isn't a business book, but I would disagree with that because the more you can focus on your unique ability and then your team members can focus on their unique abilities, you now have a unique ability teamwork and you're focusing exactly on what you should be doing and optimizing that. I want the chiropractors I work with to get crystal clear on what they are special at, narrow it down to a few and start to delegate and outsource everything else. It takes some time, you know we don't have tons of resources financially as chiropractors, we don't have multimillion dollar businesses where you can start hiring, hiring, hiring and outsourcing, but you can get very strategic with it, and that's why when we had the CSA retreat in Portland I had a whole presentation on optimization, automation and outsourcing trying to get really clear on what things we can get off our plate. [0:07:13.0]

This book with the associated workbook we go through can help you do that. This was written by a few people that are Strategic Coach team members, Catherine Nomura, Julia Waller and Shannon Waller, and it's based on the concepts by Dan Sullivan. So really good book, check that out. It's about $40 for the book-workbook combo, but it's well worth it. You can get it off their website StrategicCoach.com and work on that, just get really clear on your unique ability and start developing a path to start achieving them. Alright. The number three book, again, is another one people would argue is not a business book, but I would argue that it is, and that is The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday. It is based on some stoic principles, if anybody's kind of heard me speak about it. I'm big into stoic philosophy, really helps manage all the things I have going on and the stresses of life. [0:08:06.8]

But The Obstacle Is the Way, got actually a lot of them. Pro athletes are reading it, a couple of the, I think it was a Seattle Seahawks and the Patriots around the same time they played each other in the Super Bowl made all their players read it, and it just talks about in life there's going to be obstacles, and definitely in business there's going to be obstacles, but a lot of times those obstacles are the way to where you need to go, you just have to overcome them. It kind of talks about earlier when I on this intro was saying I try to get my one-on-one clients on a path and keep them on their path, and then sometimes there's going to be obstacles and we just have to overcome that, we don't want to veer off the path because there's an obstacle. This book is just amazing for personal and business, and when you own your own practice and you're a small business really, your personal life and your business life really are tied together. So if your personal life's struggling, do the obstacles, your businesses, and vice versa. So check that out, that is The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday. [0:09:06.0]

Alright, that's book number three. Book number four, which is kind of an all-time classic is Good To Great by Jim Collins and it's really one of the foundational books. It's kind of like a lot people will reference E Myth, which is another great book I recommend, E Myth by Michael Gerber, it's an amazing book. Good to Great is kind of like that where a lot of people in the business world references it. A couple things that I got from that particular book, one was he has the whole idea of when you have a business you need the right people on the bus, and you need them in the right seats on the bus. So you may have people that really shouldn't be on the bus, which means they shouldn't be in your business and you need to get rid of them. Then you might have some other people that are on the bus but they're just in the wrong seat, which is obviously analogous to you just have them in the wrong position and you need to maybe alter that a little bit. [0:10:02.3]

Then the second concept he talks about, which helps me a lot, is he says, "Ask yourself this. Knowing what I know now, if I were to hire, would I hire that person again?" and if you say no to that, so knowing what I know would I hire Bob and you say no, that really is indicative that you need to get rid of Bob. You're doing yourself and Bob a disservice by dragging it out, because maybe he's missing out on opportunities that could come his way if he wasn't stuck in a bad position with your company. And it's no one's fault necessarily, but you just got to be honest with yourself about that. That's what I like about that, going back to the Traction book, there's a whole section on people and how to hire, and one of the things that there's a whole saying is hire slow and fire fast, it's really true. The Good To Great book is really helpful in that type of thought process. Okay? [0:11:01.9]

Alright, and then lastly number five, rounding it out, this gentleman, Dan Kennedy, was on my top five marketing books as well, and he's now in the business one cause he has a book, and this was one of the early ones I read that really helped me get a lot of confidence and understanding how business really works. This is the No BS Business Success Book, it's got a whole long title, but this one is No BS Business Success, and that's by Dan Kennedy. The guy's a marketing genius, but also he really gets business and he doesn't mix any words in this book, it really gives you an idea of how business works. Okay, so that's by Dan Kennedy. Check those books out, tackle one at a time and go from there. If you have any recommendations for other great books feel free to comment in the close Facebook group Modern Chiropractic Marketing group, I'd love to hear it, I'm always reading, always reading business, marketing, communication, all kinds of books. [0:12:00.2]

I avoid fiction, which is probably not a good idea either. Actually I'm leaving on vacation in a couple days and I completely unplug from work, 16 days of no work at all, and that includes I won't be reading work related books, personal development books or listen any of those podcast or Audible that are like that, so I'm bringing a fiction book with me. So I hope this helps, check it out and let me know what you think. Have a great week in practice.
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