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Do you have a mentor? On today’s episode, James Newberry discusses the Importance of Mentors and Lists with Glenn Grigsby. Mentors guide people to doing the right things. For this, James and Glenn recalls the mentors they’ve had in life. Tune in and listen to how each made an influence on them! You too just might be needing one.

Importance of a Mentor

Many people fail because they have no mentors. Mentors help you understand things you may have difficulty with. They are there to guide when you have a question.

One example is the Mount Rushmore project. From it, James came up with 2 lists or 2 groups of mentors. One included people he worked with, while the other included people he only knew or just met.

Mentors that James Worked With

James learned from people he worked with. One of them is Bruce Eberle, who wrote a couple of books on direct mail. His writing is easy to understand, and is great for those who are still starting in the field.

Stuart McLean and Dan Gray are his two other mentors. James remembers how Dan emphasized on testimonials and social proof. He also knew a couple of things about receiving response.

Last on James’ list is Craig Kapp. He applied his skills on advertising on direct mail. Interestingly, he never wrote a house letter.

Mentors that James Never Worked With

James has another list of mentors, which include those he never worked with. Among them is Dick Benson, the author of Secrets of Successful Direct Mail. Dick made most of his money from lists.

Looking back, James had a tunnel vision. He would look at things and see how they might apply. Dick’s book illuminated him.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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