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Another jam packed episode delivered by Jean – Francois Gemme. Today is all about how to utilise email marketing (the right way) to grow your online business and connect with your audience.

Show Highlights:

  • How often should you send an email? (1:30)
  • Why you should celebrate when someone unsubscribes (3:00)
  • Infotaining Emails: Wrapping entertainment and teaching into one (3:30)
  • One subject line tweak that will increase your open rates (4:40)
  • Fine tuning your emails to make them concise and specific (6:30)

Once you understand the basic fundamentals of email marketing, it’s time to take a look at the specifics of copywriting to make sure your emails not only get opened, but every single word is read.

That’s all to come in the next episode of owning your email marketing. An episode you simply cannot afford to miss!


The List Building Anonymous Podcast is all about showing you exactly how to build a profitable online business through Jean – Francois’s unique 12 step program. It’s the only podcast that delivers A to Z strategies directly from the trenches without the added ‘fluff’.

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