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As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s never been more important to master the art and science of successful email marketing.
The problem is most people don’t know how to do it right.
Trying to appeal to everyone and worrying when someone unsubscribes to name but a few.READ MORE

Another jam packed episode delivered by Jean – Francois Gemme. Today is all about how to utilise email marketing (the right way) to grow your online business and connect with your audience.
Show Highlights:

How often should you send an email?READ MORE

Following on from the previous episode, Jean is joined by special guest Kristiin Sabey who shares her interesting insights into mastering the art (and science) of storytelling in your marketing.
Here Are The Show Highlights:

Left brained VS right brained marketing (2:00)
‘Edge of their seats’ storytelling (4:30)
Your opportunity to become fantastic!READ MORE

American author Brian Morton once said…
“The world, the human world, is bound together not by protons and electrons, but by stories.”
Telling and sharing stories is THE fundamental human activity in life, especially when you use them to build meaningful relationships with your attractive character.READ MORE

Jean is joined once again by the master of podcasting himself, Jonathan Rivera.
Jonathan is no stranger when it comes to growing wildly profitable online businesses for himself and his clients. The main reason he’s seen such phenomenal results in the past all comes down to first understanding who his target audience is.READ MORE

If you’re goal is to build a profitable online business, then your foundations to success are first found in specifically identifying your target audience and tailoring everything you do accordingly.READ MORE

In the second part of this step towards building your own profitable online business, Jean is joined by special guest Alvaro Baturone; A personal coach in the relationship niche helping people overcome emotional obstacles and creating a fulfilling life.READ MORE

Whether you realise it or not, on some level, you’re already leading yourself and others. Leadership is something hidden inside all of us.
But the key is understanding how to express it. And it all starts with leading oneself.READ MORE

In this follow up episode, Jean is joined by the ‘King Of Podcasting’ himself; Jonathan Rivera.  With over 1.2 million podcast downloads and over 24,000 minutes of audio, you could say Jonathan knows a thing or two about audio communication.READ MORE

As an online business, deciding which communication channels to use can be challenging. Many businesses try to ‘do it all’ and are shocked and confused when they don’t get the results they’d hoped for.READ MORE

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