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All week I've been asking, “What is your single biggest business challenge” right now?

And I've received some good stuff and some not so good stuff.

For instance, one person wrote:

“Q: Do I need an iPod to get “pod casts?”

Something like a radio that's carried in your pocket?

Podcast is an antiquated 1990's term. It should be changed, updated.

Please educate your readers, one of whom is me.”

I don't know whether I should take this person seriously or not.

When I looked him up he's been a subscriber since 2015 but has only opened my last 3 emails.

Anyways, I'm feeling generous so let's dive in.

The first iPod was released in 2001.

There were MP3 players before it, but it was one of the biggest hits when it came to portable digital music.

In January of 2001 Apple released iTunes and with it came a new frontier for media creators.

The word podcast was invented in 2004 by BBC Journalist Ben Hammersley wen he combined the words pod from “iPod” and cast from “broadcast” to describe episodic series of digital audio files.

It wasn't until 2014 with the launch of “Serial” that podcasting got on the radar of regular Americans.

Now more and more people are talking about podcasts, comedians are making fun of them, and most people know what they are.

Back to the original question and comment.

1. Do I need an iPod to get podcasts? – No, any device that can download an play digital media will do the trick for you. Heck we even put all our shows on our You Tube channel to make them easier to listen to.

2. Podcast is an antiquated term – Wrong, it's a term normal people are finally including in their vocabulary. No need to invent new terms that will only serve to confuse people.

And before you say anything…

You're welcome for this history lesson.

I do my best to educate my readers.

Producer Jonathan out.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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