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Everyone needs to go on a business trip once in awhile.

Most people’s focus is solely on getting the work done… and have no idea how to leverage these trips for nurturing and expanding their networks.

Today’s episode will show how to do just that: Growing your network while you’re traveling, make meaningful connections with people in your industry… and make sure you're always in demand!

Show highlights:

  • One thing you should do before going on a business trip. (3:51)
  • How to make Facebook work for you when you’re in a new city. (4:35)
  • How to reach out to people you want to meet without feeling awkward. (5:33)
  • The REAL reason why breakfast is the most important meal of your day! (5:50)
  • How to make people remember you. (6:23)

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Lisa Rangel

Lisa Rangel is the Chief Executive Resume Writer and CEO of ChameleonResumes.com, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website. She is an Official LinkedIn Moderator and she has been featured on Fast Company, BBC, Business Insider, Investor’s Business Daily, Fox Business News, Yahoo Finance, US News & World Report, and numerous media outlets. She is the creator of ResumeCheatSheet.com and LinkedinCheatSheet.com.

Lisa Rangel


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