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Ever wondered how some people always sell high ticket opportunities while you struggle with a $7 product?

I mean are they magicians of some kind?


They are humans like you and me.

But they have a technique up their sleeve that’s a game-changer.

And today one of those real life magicians, my man Devon Brown, explains this mesmerizing technique.

When he used it on a client, he exclaimed “Wait! Aren’t you going to sell me anything?”.

All Devon had to do then, was tell him about the $3,000 opportunity he was selling and the client replied “OK. Let me get my credit card”.

It’s THAT powerful.

And that’s not all.

Because I am a prince of a guy, I take it a step further.

Me and Devon put on our acting hats and roleplay a real life scenario, using his technique.

You see from A to Z what it takes to warm up prospects, make them feel comfortable, and even how to make the dreaded close of high ticket opportunities feel like second nature to you.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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