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If You Fake It You Won't Make It With Ross Bowring

Why is there so much deceit online?

What makes people lie about their earnings

when trying to recruit someone into their business?

Who came up with the whole “fake it 'till you
make it” thang?

Whoever it was… they're wrong!

People have a built-in bullshit radar and it goes off
the charts when you're insincere about yourself and your business.

This episode of the List Building Lifestyle is a
paradigm-crusher for those who still believe faking
it 'till you make it works.

It offers a definite “integrity marketing” guide
for those who refuse to get involved in all the treachery.

Discover how sign more people up into your business with
integrity and without pretence, trickery or hypocrisy now.

Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets has been making money online working out of a small town coffee shop deep in the thicket of Israel. Igor runs the world largest Solo Ad Agency at www.igorsoloads.com where he assists beginners and veterans in getting high-quality leads for their online businesses using solo ads.

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