“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

Most people I talk to don't think of “sales and marketing” as a noble profession.

At best, they're reluctantly mentioning they're trying to market online, because they got to pay the bills.

At worst, they're so ashamed and scared of rejection, they burry their head in the sand and keep quiet.

Why is that?

What causes people to resent the #1 most important activity in their online biz?

After all, if no one's buying what you got – you ain't got a business, right?!

John And I go deep into the SELLING PSYCHE of the modern business opportunity marketer.

Listen and discover how to enlighten a prospect without coming across needy or creepy.

How to help people without bullying them into the purchase.

And How to sign more people up into your business opportunity in good spirit than you ever thought possible.

Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets has been making money online working out of a small town coffee shop deep in the thicket of Israel. Igor runs the world largest Solo Ad Agency at www.igorsoloads.com where he assists beginners and veterans in getting high-quality leads for their online businesses using solo ads.

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