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You just arrived in Paris.

You've been waiting for this moment for years.

You're about to climb the Eifel Tower, see the Moulin Rouge show
and eat out in Europe's best restaurants.

And so you do.

For the next several days you're immersed in the magical atmosphere of Paris.

Only, something's missing.

You're not as thrilled as you hoped you'd be.

Paris hasn't lived up to your expectations.

So you decide to end your life.

Because if Paris doesn't excite you – nothing will!

Sounds absurd, right?

Why would anyone kill themselves over such a silly thing?

Turns out, though, people have.

And now there's a Suicide Hotline you can call if you're a tourist
who's displeased with your trip to Paris.

Huge lesson in this for newbie internet marketers.

I rap all about it in this week's episode of the List Building Lifestyle Show.

Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets has been making money online working out of a small town coffee shop deep in the thicket of Israel. Igor runs the world largest Solo Ad Agency at www.igorsoloads.com where he assists beginners and veterans in getting high-quality leads for their online businesses using solo ads.

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