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The #1 thing I hear when people talk about their “why” is:


“Igor, I didn't get into this business to become a millionaire. I want to change peoples lives. I want to contribute. I want to change the word!”


I find this desire quite ironic.

And I bet you all the shekels in Israel people armed with such
“why” never succeed online.


Because as they fight the good fights, they fail to work on the one thing
directly responsible for making a better world.

Same thing, by the way, which is responsible for making a great income
and leaving a legacy.

The same reason why they spend more money than they're making.


The exact same reason why they may end up never getting ahead in life.

How's that for being brutally honest?


Would you like to know what I'm talking about?

And how to avoid making this mistake the “losers” are making?

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Igor Kheifets

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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