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Even though you should listen to the entire interview from start to finish,

I know that's not for everyone,

That's why I want to share a tid-bit from a review I received from one of my “Podcast Launch Coach” students.

His name is Julian and his show is the “Doing English Show.”

When we asked him what his favorite feature of the “Podcast Launch Coach” program was,

Here's what he said:

“Simply having somebody there who I could send questions to as they came up.

There were several times when I was working on the content each week setting things up and you run into these questions.

You get stuck on something and you are not sure, “should I do it like this or should I do it like that?”

I think it is really easy to get bogged down and you end up procrastinating because you are not too sure where to go with it.

But having the Facebook group there and being able to just post the question, “what do you think?” and knowing I would actually get an answer to that in a timely fashion.

I would say that was probably the thing that really made the difference for me.”

And that's just one benefit Julian got from my “Podcast Launch Coach” program.

To hear everything he said about the program (including how he made his investment back in one phone call with me before he even started working on his podcast) check out the entire six and a half minute interview below.

Remember, the “Podcast Launch Coach” starts on March 1st.

As part of your membership you'll get access to our private members only Facebook group that Julian is raving about.

Plus, the first 5 people that sign up will get a “Breakthrough” call with me.

CLICK HERE to sign up now.

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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