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There is a shortage of labor in the construction industry.  Attracting the right talent can be frustrating.  It leads to projects not being completed on time and impacts your bottom line.
Why is there a shortage? … READ MORE

Running a construction business is hard enough on its own. So many moving parts and details to look at. Then, you add accounting to the mix of complications.  This leads to long nights during tax season, confusion and overwhelm.… READ MORE

Growing your construction business is a headache if the wrong person sneaks onto your team.
Having the wrong person on your team devours your money, sabotages your bottom line and leaves you in despair.… READ MORE

The biggest challenge in the construction industry is building trust with your customers.
Without trust, there is always a skeptical customer. This leads to delays in projects, headaches and keeps you further away from growth.… READ MORE

As the stock market crashes and money becomes hard to borrow, how do you grow your construction business?
Letting inflation eat away the value of your cash is no way to run a business.
So how do you put your money to work so that it can open up a new stream of cash?… READ MORE

We all want to make money as soon as possible. But your relationship with your partners can slow down this process, keeping your cashflow hostage.
Without the right mindset, architects and contractors can have a toxic relationship that leads to a “cash burning” project.… READ MORE

Building a better company can be difficult without the right people.
Without the right team members, your company can head towards bankruptcy quickly — without you even realizing it.
If you want your company to thrive, you must build your team members’ confidence.… READ MORE

When the economy shifts, the construction industry feels it.  Less deals in the pipeline can lead to frustration and slow growth.
Only certain companies are well equipped for this shift in the market. … READ MORE

Most in the construction industry say meetings are a waste of labor.
They say it’s “busy work” that gets you no results when you could be focusing on a deadline.
That’s the “old way” of looking at meetings.… READ MORE

There are many activities in the construction industry that keep your team doing growth-restricting busy work.
And you know what? There’s a simple solution:
Most busy work and inefficiency are caused by a lack of trust within companies.… READ MORE

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