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I'm not sure if I told you,

But my little cupcake has joined the team here at The Podcast Factory.

One of the things she's helping with is taking control of my calendar so I make the most out of my days.

On Thursday she was booking some appointments for me when she saw that I had offered to do an interview with a guy on Monday (today)

She said, "Honey, Monday is a Holiday. It's Labor Day, you know that right?"

I quickly wrote back to her, "While people enjoy their hoe-lih-day I'm doing work – so we can live our life like it's one big holiday."

So she booked the call and I had a really good interview with none other than the host of one of my favorite podcast shows, Sean D'Souza from "The Three Month Vacation."

Nope, he isn't having me on his show because he doesn't do the interview thing – but he is sharing the interview we did with his membership community "5000 BC"

The point?

If you had a good day off today, I hope you enjoyed it.

But if you want to get ahead of your competitors you gotta do work while they're chilaxing.

And, if you've been putting off your podcast show because you don't know where to start – I got you covered in my Podcast Recipes book where you'll get 50 recipes to build your brand, grow your audience, and make more dough with your show.

Unfortunately you can't just buy this book – it's not available any where for sale.

The only way for you to get it is to join me and my Podcast Moguls at http://PodcastMogul.com

And, before you join you need to know this isn't one of those digital thingies you can download to your computer and forget about. It's a paper and ink book delivered to your doorstep by the Post office.

Producer Jonathan


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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