“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

I'm not sure who started all the hype about getting sponsorships for your podcast,

But it's a pipe dream that won't pan out for most of you.

Here's why:

According to Libsyn (one of the world's largest podcast hosting companies) the average podcast show only gets 140 downloads per episode.

And, if you look at the standard rates – sponsors are willing to pay $18.00 per 1,000 downloads.
That means a sponsor is willing to pay you .018 per download

0.18 x 140 = $2.52

Yes, you read that correctly – if your show is average a sponsor would pay you two dollars and fifty two cents to sponsor you.

If you're fond of the finer things in life – like having a roof over your head, food in your stomach, electricity, running water, and internet – this is no way to make a living.

That's why inside the next Podcast Mogul newsletter I'm going to help you win at the sponsorship game by giving you the inside scoop on how to get sponsors to pay you more without worrying about silly things like download numbers.

Plus, I'll show you how to make dough with your show without kissing any sponsor booty.

All that and more inside the next Podcast Mogul newsletter – subscribe now at http://PodcastMogul.com

Producer Jonathan

Producer Jonathan

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, podcast growth expert and the executive producer of The Podcast Factory network where he co-hosts 6 weekly shows with industry experts in sales, marketing, and building a business from the ground up with little or no seed money.

Jonathan has been making a living podcasting since he launched the Making Agents Rich Show in 2013. His proven system to launch a podcast show has landed his last 11 shows at the top of the charts in iTunes. He now writes a paid print newsletter that is read in 9 countries called the “Podcast mogul” where he helps his readers turn their podcasts into profitable business’

If you’re a successful business owner who is serious about adding a podcast to your marketing mix you can schedule a call with Jonathan to go over your ideas and see if a podcast makes sense for you.

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