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I’ve been meeting with Jonathan Rivera in secret the past few weeks…

See, I was a little shy and unsure about this. But Jonathan was very encouraging and professional…

And we managed to record the first few episodes of my very own Internet radio show.


We called it the Don’t Be Stupid Show.

It’s about the battle between Competent people (like us entrepreneurs) and the Idiocracy–a fast de-evolving society of blithering idiots.

In this and future episodes we explore the lifestyle, values, struggles, and makings of Entrepreneurship.

No hard-teaching, just light fun…the stuff I don’t get to talk about in this newsletter.

Being the first episode, it’s not very interactive. But we’ll eventually put the show on iTunes and if I grow some balls, we’ll do some live episodes.

For now, though, If you don’t mind…

After listening, would you email me some questions or issues you’d like me to talk about in future episodes?

After all, this show is for you, so you should have a chance to steer the topic and direction!


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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