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In today’s age, work-life balance can feel like an impossible feat. The ever-compounding stress from long workdays can be extremely damaging to your health, relationships, and overall happiness.
Treat today as your call-to-arms because we’re going to talk about three really important points when it comes to better work-life balance for high-powered women.
If you’re sitting in a position of leadership and visibility in your organization, and you’re not feeling good about the way your life is balanced, this episode is for you!
Here Are The Highlights:
– It’s ok to not have it all figured out (5:30)
– How to effectively manage life’s pendulum of surge and recovery (8:10)
– Rightfully claiming the control you’re owed (13:00)
– We all need someone in our corner (16:30)
Plus much more!
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Cherylanne Skolnicki

Brilliant Balance is a podcast for working women who are ready to shine. Each week we will discuss ideas, inspiration, and insight on balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully. Are you ready? Let’s be brilliant.

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