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In theory, closing the sale is fairly straightforward – you show up, make sure what you’re offering is in the client’s best needs and answer your prospect's objections.

In practice however, selling can be more nuanced than that. Today, Chris and Taylor share the critical elements when it comes to successfully closing the sale.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

– How to put yourself in a position of power to lead people to take action (0:50)
– A clever (but ethical ) way to get your prospects to loan their ability so you can influence their decision (1:30)
– The biggest closing mistake that’ll stop a deal in its tracks (3:00)
– Why the dreaded ‘awkward silence’…is actually the most powerful sales strategy (5:50)
– The number one question to overcome any sales objection (6:50)
– Warning signs you’re attached to the sales outcome (9:20)

Grab a pen and paper, because this is 15 minutes of pure, non-stop, straight FIRE sales training.

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