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Envy is like a poison that paralyzes your productivity and kills your creativity – and all of us suffer from it at times in our lives. It’s not what we’d typically call a WELCOME emotion.

But envy isn’t the enemy you believe it to be…

It’s a clue that reveals something about the direction you need to move.

Whenever we feel envious towards someone else, there’s massive opportunity to find uplifting inspiration that will help you progress forward toward a more balanced, fulfilled life as you’ll learn today.

Show Highlights:
The Oprah article that changed Cherylanne’s perspective (1:50)
How to transform envy into inspiration (5:20)
Managing envy and using it to your complete control (8:00)
Redirecting your energy to make somebody else's day without ruining your own (9:20)
The simple steps to follow next time you feel envious (18:00)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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