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There’s never an easy answer when it comes to product adoption, finances, or navigating a disrupted market.
But when the market’s as volatile as it has been lately, it can be downright scary. One of our core beliefs is that the more knowledge you have, the better decisions you will make.… READ MORE

It’s taken a global pandemic to jumpstart the telehealth industry and showcase the value, convenience, and importance of bringing strong, viable, and scalable technology solutions to the market.… READ MORE

Hila Goldman-Aslan and her partners entered the start-up arena in an environment that encouraged healthcare innovation, actively sought out young minds and fresh ideas, and then deepened their support with funding. … READ MORE

Being able to identify a need or problem in the healthcare industry takes creativity and knowledge.  A career on the clinical side helps. And an advanced business degree will send you into a whole new world of insights.… READ MORE

As the pandemic continues, we’re finding out, more and more, how deep the roots of disruption from shelter-in-place orders and the upheaval of the national (and international) marketplace go.… READ MORE

Healthcare innovators are used to challenges when it comes to securing the funding necessary to bringing their solutions to market — but in today’s COVID-economy, those challenges have grown exponentially.… READ MORE

What happens when you launch a product just weeks before a pandemic hits? You learn to pivot, and pivot well, or you risk getting lost in the noise of COVID-19.
Innovators who are used to in-person interactions with clients and prospects face a new challenge in the new COVID economy: being unable to utilize tried-and-true outreach.… READ MORE

Being a pulmonologist and critical care physician gives Dr. Sandeep Jain unique insight into how our healthcare system works — and where some of its failings may be lurking.
After nearly 25 years working in a healthcare setting, Dr.… READ MORE

Many (if not most) innovators have pivoting on their mind right now. They’re asking themselves: what role can I play in helping fight the COVID crisis, while still making sure that it’s the right move for my business?… READ MORE

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