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When was the last time you caught yourself saying…
“Well, I don’t really have a choice”
“It is what it is”
“This is just the ways things have to be right now”
You may not realize it, but almost EVERYTHING in life is a choice.… READ MORE

Envy is like a poison that paralyzes your productivity and kills your creativity – and all of us suffer from it at times in our lives. It’s not what we’d typically call a WELCOME emotion.
But envy isn’t the enemy you believe it to be…
It’s a clue that reveals something about the direction you need to move.… READ MORE

Can you really have it all?
On today’s podcast we’re going to talk about how to make the transition from a model of success that has become outdated to one that, when managed well, will help you feel like you truly have it all.… READ MORE

Welcome to the Brilliance Balance Podcast, the show for working women who are ready to shine!
Each week, you’ll discover ideas, inspiration and insights on balance, business, and how to get it all done gracefully.READ MORE

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