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In Today’s show Kevin is joined by Abbey Woodcock and KC Baney to talk about how freelance copywriters can restore their sanity using project management systems.

Here are today’s main talking points:

How to create order in your life where there isn't any (9:00 mark)

The reason why freelance copywriters miss the opportunity to scale and grow (9:30 mark)

Why its so important to have a professional look right out the box on first impressions (10:10 mark)

The first step to take to end your anxieties about project planning and time management (16:20 mark)

KC & Abbey’s four phase time management process that will help you streamline copy projects (17:20 mark)

The most often overlooked thing missed by many copywriters even before you start writing (18:30 mark)

How to save massive chunks of your time using templates (20:20 mark)

How being an interrogator with your clients is a great thing! (21:40 mark)

The fears clients actually have with their first time hiring a copywriter (22:40 mark)


Abbey and KC tell you why time management is a huge issue for copywriters. Most people get into writing for the love of the craft but forget to consider what goes on ‘behind the curtains’ and the need for having a solid project/time management system in place to help them grow. “It can be career threatening if you don't have a process for managing your copy projects” Kevin says.

Sticking Points

A lot of copywriters struggle creating order in their work. They get into writing because they love it but this is what is going to hold them back from future growth as KC explains. Copywriters don't realise all the back end systems they should have in place that is going to help them grow. Think about automating as much in your business as you can. It could be something as simple as checklists or email templates.

Insatiable Curiosity

Any great copywriter is naturally curious and its the same reason you should be interrogating your clients by asking them many questions. Confusion arises between copywriter and client when there is next to no contact. They don't know how much collaboration should be taking place in the process. Its essential to have systems in place that keep writer and client connected even if its just a simple Monday morning check in to exchange thoughts and keep up to date with on going projects.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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