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Here are highlights of How to Write Great Product Taglines with Angie Colee if you are in a hurry:

Why are taglines important? (2:40 Mark)

Who is Angie? (4:20 Mark)

Angie’s favorite tagline? (6:38 Mark)

Avoiding a bad tagline?(8:30 Mark)

The most ripped- off and repeated tagline? (12:55 Mark)

Today's Show

In today’s podcast Kevin and Jonathan welcome Angie Colee. Taglines are one of the most toiled after pieces of copywriting people struggle with. It’s difficult and there is a lot of pressure to get it right.

Start with Research

One of the first potential hang-ups is the dreaded lawsuit. You have to do your trademark and copyright research seriously.

Keys to a Great Tagline

Angie recommends you keep it short, memorable with clarity. It needs to be short, snappy and remember it needs to let readers know what business you are in. Those are the magic ingredients.

Sometimes, you can get away with the curiosity factor. Maybe your tagline doesn’t immediately tell the reader you sell BBQ grills but if might spark curiosity. If that curiosity drives people to inquire, you’ve written a great tagline!


You have to have a big budget to get jingles to stick. It takes a lot of repetition to make it stick like the Farmers jingle.

Importance of Tracking

Angie likes to track the effectiveness of taglines with barcodes if it’s in print. If you can attach an offer to the ad, you have a pretty good chance of tracking the ad’s effectiveness.

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To connect with Angie Colee, check out her links below and remember she welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!


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Have a podcast in 30 days

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