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It’s inevitable at some point on your business building journey, you’re going to have to raise your target hourly rates.

Many business owners begin by charging a less than average rate for their services, and as their business grows and their experience levels flourish, they begin to slowly raise their rates to match the value they provided.

However, raising your hourly rate isn’t as simple as letting your clients know they owe you more money.

It takes a strategic approach to bust through wealth ceilings without alienating your clients and damaging your reputation.

Whether you’re earning $25 an hour or $2,500/hour right now, this episode will provide you the clarity to ascend to higher levels of hourly income as well as understanding the levels of value you must provide in return.

Show Highlights:
– Why most people NEVER breakthrough their current wealth ceiling (1:30)
– Complete breakdown: How to get to $100k per year without burning out (3:00)
– Where your focus must be when increasing your target hourly rate (4:20)
– The ONLY two things to focus on if you’re making less than $500/hour (5:00)
– Key KPI’s and employee responsibilities (15:00)
– Your BIGGEST roadblock stopping you from earning $6000/hour (16:00)
– How to strategically buy your time back (19:00)
– The key to higher level thinking (19:45)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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