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When I first started as a real estate investor I used to LOVE going to Home Depot.

I'd spend hours picking up tools and supplies for my projects daily. It was part of my routine that I enjoyed. I really liked the idea of picking up raw materials and turning them into something useful and beautiful.
Fast forward 12 years and my cupcake has to drag me, kicking and screaming into the place. To make matters worse she only likes to go on the weekends when all the regular folks are there lollygagging.

Take last Sunday for example,

We're redoing on of our bedrooms because our son is coming home soon and we want to make sure his room is perfect. We're painting, installing new floors, and updating all the bedding.

My little cupcake decides after Church we should go to the store and pick up paint. Keep in mind, I said pick up paint, because she already went through all the trouble of picking out the color months ago.

The paint counter is full of people looking at swatches, the lady behind the counter is frazzled, and when she finally gets to us (20 minutes later) she tells us she can't find our color in her system. After some back and forth she checks another computer, lo and behold she finds the formula and mixes it.
Now it's time for the trim color – we've got our fingers crossed. After another 20 minutes she says she absolutely can't find that color or mix it and tells us there's a Sherwin Williams down the block that can mix it.
After an hour at the place and quite a bit of frustration we check out and head down the block to our next stop.

We pop into the Sherwin Williams store, there are no lines and two friendly faces greet us – “Happy Sunday, how can we help you today?”

We give her the color, tell her the story about the Home Depot lady and the girl says, “Why didn't she just call us, we could have given her the formula?”

That frazzled broad at the home depot reminds me of the times I have chosen to wok with the wrong mentors.

They waste your time,

They take your dough,

And they leave you incomplete.

I've had my share of bad mentors and I know you have too.

That's why nowadays, before I work with anyone I make sure to check them out so I know if they're the right kind of person I want to work with.

Speaking of working with the right people,

I've opened up some time in my schedule to rap with you about your business and your goals to see if there's any way I can help you get to where you're going.

I can only work with people who are motivated and ready to take action. So if that's not you, no hard feelings.

But, if you are a go getter and you're looking to take the next step in your business we should grab a chat on the phone and see if it makes sense for us to work together.

I've got 6 spots left for complimentary strategy sessions. To book yours now follow these four simple steps:
1. Text “factory” to 44222

2. Download the Podcast Factory app to your mobile phone

3. Open the app and click on “contact”

4. Click on strategy session and fill out the application

After you fill out the app you'll be taken to my calendar link where you can book a time that works for you.

We'll talk for a half hour about your business and even if I can't help you, I'll definitely point you in the right direction to get where you're going.

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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