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When you first start podcasting you want nothing more than people to listen to your show.

Soon, listening to your show isn't enough, you need them to do more.

Maybe rate your show? Maybe subscribe?

After that you realize ratings and reviews alone won't pay your bills.

Then you start scrambling to figure out how to 'monetize' your podcast.

That's when you start making offers and waiting for the leads and the dollars to start rolling in.

The only problem is…

Nothing happens.

You begin to worry and wonder why people are ignoring you.

Do they hate you?

Do they think you stink?

Are they listening?

You're putting your heart and soul into creating this show for them and they're not paying attention.

Have you made a mistake?

Is this a big waste of time?

Is all the hype about podcasting a bunch of B.S.?

The simple answer is YES.

People out there selling podcast courses are selling you a pie in the sky dream that you'll make loot podcasting by merely getting your show on the air.

If it were that simple every person with a podcast would be rich.

And when you look at most of the podcasters out there,

They're dead broke.

That's because they have no clue how to get their listeners to subscribe to their email list.

If you can't get people to subscribe to your email list then you have no way of following up with them regularly.

And if you're only way of contacting your listeners is your show, you're in trouble.

Why? Because most people listen to podcasts while they're at the gym, driving to work, taking a run, and doing all sorts of other stuff where they won't be able to take you up on your offers no matter how good they are.

On the other hand, people read their emails all day long.

That's why having your listeners on your email list is essential to your survival.

Inside the next Podcast Mogul newsletter I'm giving you a simple way to get people listening to your show back to your website and onto your email list without learning any new tools, without any expensive funnel software, and without pulling your hair out trying to create a new lead magnet.

But time is running out,

It ships Monday,

If you want more email subscribers so you can make more sales you'd better join now http://PodcastMogul.com

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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