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True Story,

Got a message on Facebook about a year ago that said, “Brother… a buddy of mine and I are thinking about starting a podcast. You got any products I can buy to learn your magic?”

I wrote back telling him the closest thing I had to transferring my magic to him without hopping on a call was to grab a copy of my Podcasting 101 training.

He quickly thanked me and bought the training.

He came back to me last week asking, “Hey man are you still taking podcast clients?”

I let him know I might have one spot opening up soon and the best way to get first crack at it was to get on my waiting list.

We hopped on a call yesterday and I asked why he hadn't started the podcast yet and he said, “It was a lot of work, we recorded some shows but never did anything with them because we had to tighten up some other areas of our business. Now that we've got things humming along, we want to use a podcast to build authority in our market so we're not being compared to the other people we compete against.”

And this is a smart move.

Why? Because if you've got loose ends in your business a podcast won't help.

It'll only add a layer of work that you'll learn to hate.

You'll record episode after episode.

You'll invest thousands of dollars and countless hours.

And you'll get zero results because you're not ready.

This is one of the main reasons I talk people out of podcasting.

On the other hand, if you've got a working sales funnel and you're looking for a way to reach new customers, increase your authority, and build more trust in your marketplace – I haven't seen anything that works as good as podcasting.

For instance, check out what Igor Kheifets (from the List Building Lifestyle Show) said about the customers he's getting from his podcast:

“If you’re starting a podcast to attract better clients then you’re definitely on the right track because the clients that listen to my podcast become the best clients. They are the kind of people if I see them on the street, I actually want to come up to them and shake their hand, hug them and go have a drink together.”

That's why if you've got a business that's working and you're looking for a leveraged way to attract higher quality clients and customers, a podcast may be right for you.

I'm not taking any new clients this moment, but if you want my help your first step is to get on my waiting list at http://thepodcastfactory.com/difm/

Talk Soon,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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