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Most people hear about whole life insurance policies and only think about the benefit it pays their family when they die.

But the death benefit barely even scratches the surface of the wealth-building secrets IBC offers.

And even if you know about using whole life insurance as part of your IBC system, you might not realize how many things you can do with it.

So in this episode I’ll share seven different ways you can use IBC. You’ll see how IBC offers you flexibility that other financial planning methods can’t match.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Lost-in-time savings advice, neglected since the 80s, that can outperform other investments without the market’s ups and downs. (1:35)
  • Paying 14% or higher interest on your credit cards? Here’s how to use your whole life policy to slash those rates by at least 10 percentage points. (2:50)
  • The “Be Your Own Banker” way to take control of your debt and instantly boost your credit score. (3:47)
  • How to use whole life insurance to protect your family for generations. Do this and they’ll never need to borrow from a bank. (7:29)
  • How business owners use whole life insurance policies to reward their top employees and protect their enterprise from collapse. (8:29)

Reach out to me: valerie@alphaomegawealth.com


Infinite Banking Mastery (infinitebankingnorthwest.com)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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