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Time is your child’s greatest asset.

Especially when we’re talking about investing.

The reason?

Compounding interest.

The earlier your child starts investing, the greater the power of compounding interest. And that’s where the REAL power of a whole life insurance policy comes into play.

So, whenever a client asks me, “should I own whole life insurance for my child?”, my answer is always…


I couldn’t think of a better gift for your child than the asset of whole life insurance.

And in today’s episode, you’ll discover why owning whole life insurance for your child is the greatest decision you’ll ever make.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why taking out a policy on your 15 day old child will set them up for an avalanche of compounding interest by the time they’re 40 (1:39)
  • How to send your kids to college with a Whole Life Insurance Policy (works even if it seems impossible right now) (2:22)
  • The simple way for your children to automatically inherit ownership of their policy (and doesn’t involve you lifting a finger) (3:55)
  • Why “The Gerber Plan” — a savings plan that promotes college for your child for as little as $4 a day — will fall short of the cost of college tuition (by a lot!) (4:35)
  • How to lock in 4% interest rates for your child’s college tuition (guaranteed for the rest of your life) (7:13)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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