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Have you ever wondered why there’s a maximum withdrawal limit at the bank?

They’ll often tout it as “stopping criminals from laundering money.” But the reality is this: They don’t have much money in the actual bank!

What do I mean?

The primary way banks make money is by lending out YOUR money. Banks only need to keep about 10% of deposits on reserves. So when you make a deposit, they loan out your money (and then some!) and earn their profit by charging interest.

The only reason why this has worked is because the banks know 90% of all savings are untouched by the public — they don’t take their money out, they leave it in the bank.

But this was one of the causes of the Great Depression. The public were scared of a market crash, decided to take out all their money as the banks weren’t safe anymore, and they were told…

There was no money left!

But there is a way to be free from this madness. In today’s episode, I reveal “The Family Banking System”, which allows you to recapture the interest you’re losing to banks.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why the banks are legally allowed to take your money and then sell it back to you (and make a handsome profit) (0:56)
  • Our banking system would collapse if everyone withdrew their money all at once. It’s known as fractional reserve banking, and you can learn how it started at (1:21)
  • How banks make a profit off every single transaction you make with the “3 Circle Exercise” (5:04)
  • Why Bank of America gets away with a 16x return on investment on YOUR savings (6:29)
  • How to take out a loan with a terrible FICO credit score (8:18)

Reach out to me: valerie@alphaomegawealth.com


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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