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Getting started with your jewelry brand on Etsy is simple.

But attracting repeat customers can be really tricky!

Usually the reason people don’t buy consistently is because there’s no way for you to keep the conversation going after you made the first sale.

That’s where it’s really important to get strategic about how you follow up with customers from Etsy!

You can easily turn Etsy shoppers into email subscribers and then regular customers on your website!

Etsy is great for getting some traffic, but repeat customers are essential for growing a profitable business.

Let’s get into some ways to overcome terrible Etsy sales and increase your brand awareness online!

Get to the Point
Start talking about your brand and the reason you do what you do! There’s precious space you might be wasting with a big logo or just welcoming them to your shop.

Tell them right away what you stand for and why your jewelry is going to help them get closer to what they desire. Have someone look at your website or Etsy shop and see how soon they can find your mission statement or the WHY behind your brand.

Set Up Referral Campaigns
Don’t forget the power of human connection. That’s what everyone truly wants from the brands they buy from these days.

If you set up a referral program where you build out brand ambassadors you can extend your reach. Ambassadors can hand out cards with a link to your website or a special promo code so you can track their sales. Focus on building your presence online and offline if you really want to see a boost in sales.

Send them Offers
Build subscribers to a messenger bot or your email list using offers you send along with your product. Make a simple card or flyer that gives them a link to sign up for a free guide, gift with purchase, or something useful!

Train them to go to your website instead of your Etsy once you start getting sales. You want all the credit for getting people interested in your brand. Sometimes people get distracted when they’re on Etsy because they go to other shops.

And if you want more ideas on how to turn online lookers into buyers, download our free Conversion Crusher guide.

xo, Tracy


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Have a podcast in 30 days

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