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Ever wonder how some designers seem to always make sales without even trying?

When I started out, I definitely felt that way.

The secret to making consistent sales might be more obvious than you think!

We have an awesome guest on today’s podcast, Andrea Li.

She has an incredible jewelry brand called Andrea Li Designs based out of Denver, CO!

Starting back in 2008, Andrea didn’t know anybody in the jewelry community. She was working in the art district in Denver and met lets of gallery owners and artists.

Andrea got started selling her designs in surprising places, like a furniture gallery…but it was a super great way to get exposure to her DREAM clients!

She’s a fantastic member of the Diamond Insiders community and attended Flourish & Thrive LIVE! in September!

And guess what? I’m not hosting today! The amazing Robin Kramer will be your fearless leader.

Let’s get started!

People Buy from People

Try to forge genuine relationships! People will totally pick up on that. Never approach a relationship thinking, “what can I get from them”. Take a real interest in someone else’s business and good things will come from it.

Starting out with friendships and building trust long term leads to awesome collaborations in the future.

Sales in All Shapes & Sizes

You never know who your next client or collaboration could be! Think outside the box of friends and family. What about your favorite coffee shop? Or a local restaurant you love going too?

It’s not gonna happen overnight! Patience is key when building relationships, but you never know which connection is going to launch your business forward!

Be Your Own Brand Ambassador

Whenever you go to events or even just running around town, wear your jewelry! I know it sounds silly, but it’s seriously such a smart sales strategy.

Usually the first thing people ask when they find out you’re a jewelry designer is “What kind of jewelry do you design?” Well how easy is it to just point to your neck and say, “I designed this piece”

It’s free exposure! Plus you can share your story and talk about your pieces with everyone you meet, you never who will be interested. How cool is that??

Super cool.

So, as I mentioned in the show, you won’t be able to get your Digital Marketing Scorecard for free forever. Make sure you download it right now if you haven’t already!

It’s a great measure to find out what you need to focus on next to grow your online business!

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xo, Tracy (& Robin!)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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