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Getting together with people who can relate to your struggles gives you a huge boost of momentum and creativity.

At least, that’s what happened after Flourish & Thrive LIVE! 2017 the other weekend!

We came back feeling totally exhausted, but also refreshed and exhilarated!

Today, I have my partner in crime with me on the show, the lovely miss Robin Kramer!

We’re sharing our top takeaways from F&TA Live!

So even if you were there (or missed it) it’s gonna be a great recap and review!

Press play to get started!

Visionary v. Integrator

We all have gaps, but when we focus on improving the things we aren’t good at we lose our momentum! Figuring out what your strengths are and then going all in on that is a much better way to spend your time.

As a creative, you might be a visionary! But integrators can have a very successful business, too! Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, remember that!

Asking for Advice

Letting other people into your business and sharing your struggles dissolves the tension within yourself. So often in business we can’t see what we aren’t doing right.

Bringing in others to get a fresh perspective on your business is an amazing opportunity to see your gaps. Once you see them, you know where to focus!

Power of Momentum

Celebration is a huge part of building sales momentum. No sale is too small to celebrate! When you have a sale, the opportunity to make another sale with that client is huge.

When you’re reconnecting with past clients your momentum in your entire business grows!

Keep that momentum going with the SOS Accelerator coaching program! Space is limited to 50 designers at this time, apply before it’s too late!

xo, Tracy & Robin


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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