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How do you know your online marketing is working?

I’m talking with designers almost every day, hearing things like,

“I never know what’s working…” or “that doesn’t work for me…”

But often times they can’t explain why things aren’t working, which is super important!

When it comes to sales and conversion, it’s all in the numbers!

So today I’m giving you all the metrics, numbers, and trends you need to watch, measure, and test to track your online success!

Let’s get started! I’m gonna make this fun, I promise!

Tracking Your Sales Results

Setting sales goals is the first step in building your jewelry business. The next step? Look back on what you sold and compare it to your goals and the actions you take to get there.

Adjust your goals based on your actual sales results you get so you’re always working towards a reachable goal. Don’t get intimidated by this! Our Digital Marketing Momentum Scorecard will help you figure out what goals to set and where to start!

Who’s Paying Attention

Maybe your audience really likes blog posts, facebook live streams, or Instagram? Maybe you’re getting lots of comments tagging others to see the post?

See what content your audience is responding to, and track how they respond. Taking note of what’s working and doubling down on that strategy quickly fills your audience with Dream Clients ready to buy!

Don’t Forget the Phone!

Just because you’re selling online doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your customers. Especially if you’re selling high end pieces or OOAK designs, people are gonna have a lot of questions!

One of my favorite strategies is to track my call conversions, which are very high. Think of your competitive advantage if you’re actually getting on the phone with potential customers and showing them upfront that you’re there for them and you really do care!

It’s not about doing it all at once.

Remember momentum is about layering one thing on top of another. Practicing one thing and getting it down solid is better than trying a million things at once!

xo, Tracy

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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