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Writing about yourself is never easy.

It’s hard to know what things to write about, how people will interpret it, and if your message will come across the way you intended it.

You know you’re supposed to tell people about your business, but doing it in a way that grabs someone’s attention seems impossible.

So…how do you talk about your work?

Every jewelry designer struggles with this at some point, I actually get questions about it all the time.

It’s extra tricky because your about page is not a stagnant piece of content, it changes along with your business.

This is what inspired me to invite Allison Morgan and Elizabeth Read, the mother-daughter duo from Charlotte Allison Refined Jewelry, for a live about page makeover!

Allison has been in the jewelry industry for about 20 years and actually retired before launching Charlotte Allison Refined Jewelry.

Her daughter, Liz Read, joined her to make her idea of interchangeable fine jewelry come to life.

They were so great to work with and you’re gonna learn so much from this episode!

Let’s get started!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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