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What emotions come to mind when you succeed?

Good ones, right?

You’re queen of the mountain! You feel happy, strong, brave, smart, and confident. You’re walking on air:; all smiles.

It’s amazing.

What about fear? That didn’t even enter your mind, did it?

Fear is so common, especially for designers and makers who are risking what feels like a part of their hearts by putting their art out into the world. It feels vulnerable.

Maybe you’re afraid of making the wrong decision or of being rejected or worse, making a bad financial move that will put you out of business.

My past mistakes still creep up on me and I start to get terrified to make a move.

Years ago, I completely shut down my first jewelry biz. To this day, old patterns and fears come back and trip me up, bigtime.

But I’ve learned how to overcome my fears and so can you!

In today’s episode, I teach you five steps you can take to overcome your fears right now.

It’s the perfect time to learn. Just a few days until the new year – wipe the slate clean! Get a fresh start for 2017 and give yourself a little TLC.

We’re doing a little refreshing at Flourish & Thrive I think you’d love, too.

In January, we’re launching our totally new, FREE training, Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp. In just ten short days, you’ll get your biz in shape for 2017!

Now let’s get to this fantastic episode and take fear down!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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