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The most successful jewelry businesses are born out of what we love to do.

Right? I am sure you can relate.

So what would it take to grow your business in alignment with your dreams?

When I started Tracy Matthews Designs, I was working full time at Nordstrom and jewelry was a side hustle for me.

Even though I had big dreams, I didn’t realize “what it was going to take” to grow a business to nearly 7-figures and set it up in a way that I could easily ship thousands of units on big months to stores.

I took the leap: quit my job, rented a studio and a few months in I hired my first “helper.”

Scary? You bet!

But for some reason I had the confidence to take the next steps.

I soaked up everything I could and created a schedule and a workflow that worked for me because it created structure in my day and in my business.

The reason I’m telling you this is because it’s the same story that I hear from the majority of designers in our community.

We have so many talented designers who start designing jewelry as a hobby or a supplemental income…only to find out that their designs are in demand… Holla!

When Robin and I are asked what the best first step between a hobby and a business is we always have the same answer…

…create some structure folks!

I am really happy to have Melissa Kaiserman of Makery Space on the podcast today.

Melissa started her crafting business as a hobby, which morphed into a part time endeavor, which then turned into a full time job.

And she’s been so successful because she’s a master at creating structure to harmonize her workflow.

Melissa is a self proclaimed lover of all things thinking, researching, analyzing and explaining.

And today she’s talking about how to translate those things into your business as well.

Without further ado!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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