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Have you ever bumped into a stranger at a trade show, or on the street, or in a restaurant and heard them call out –

“Oh my goodness, you’re [insert your brand name].”

It’s the strangest feeling the first time that it happens.

And the second…and the third.

Because you begin to realize that you have become one with your brand.

That’s the power of creating a strong personal brand for your jewelry biz. People will literally associate you as a person with what it is you create.

It’s just like the investment and loyalty we have to a celebrity who we all think that we know….even though we’ve never met them.

We talk about them like we’re friends, we defend them against smack talk, and we cry when we read about their vicious breakup. .

On today’s episode, I’m suggesting to you that you can create that same intensely committed following for your jewelry brand.

My guest today is Hannah Becker, the CEO and Founder of Diamond Doodles.

Hannah has created an amazing personal brand for herself that people on the street literally stop her to say “Hey, you’re Diamond Doodles” without even knowing her name.

(To be honest…I did it to her at a WJA event a few years ago.)

Today Hannah and I will give you some practical tips to position your brand in a way that people are devoted to it long before they know you.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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