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Let’s take a field trip!

Come with me real quick down the crowded aisles of a jewelry trade show. Let’s watch as the scene unfolds…

A potential customer steps into the booth of an accomplished jewelry designer and asks:

“What made you want to start a jewelry business?”

The designer reacts in one of two ways-

Either happily launching into the never gets old story of how they were born gifted to design jewelry or…

The designer gives a puzzled look in silence wondering how in the world they could possibly explain their life’s calling and unyielding passion to this stranger in passing.

End Scene.

I’d venture to guess that you identify with one of those response.

And I know why…

Because your jewelry biz is so much more than a job, or a company.

It’s where your passion meets your innate talent…and it’s profound.

Now…that’s not to say that we are all gifted with the same inborn talent when it comes to running a jewelry biz.

Some of us have a knack for design, some of us are skilled entrepreneurs, and some of us are stand out makers.

Whatever your natural talents are, they are more than likely what keeps you showing up in your jewelry biz every day because they fuel your passion.

If you can’t tell…I can’t wait to get into today’s episode! I’m sitting down with Diana House, a lawyer turned founder of Tiny Devotions.

Tiny Devotions is one of the most successful Yoga Jewelry companies in business todaybecause Diana has figured out how to harness her innate talents to run her business. And today she’s giving a TON of tips on how you can too.

You’re going to want to hear this one!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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