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Have you ever felt like you went all day feeling like you were working hard, only by the end of the day, somehow, nothing is done?

All of a sudden, you open up Facebook only to find it’s 2 hours later and you missed your design window or your time to focus on Press Pitches or Marketing.

Trust me, I know first hand how easy it is to end the day not feeling very productive or like I got the most out of my day.


Because as jewelry entrepreneurs and business owners, we have to wear so many hats and it’s easy to get off track. Plus, you might find it difficult to balance the things you LOVE doing vs. the priorities that need to get done daily to move your business forward.

The truth is that it’s easy to get side-railed when you don’t have a plan or a strategy in place every day to make sure you are focusing on the RIGHT things to move your business forward.

The solution? Love it or hate it, time management is the one skill that will always keep your head over water and grow your business.

On today’s podcast, I’ll be sharing all of my favorite Time Optimization Strategies that I’ve picked up over the years that have allowed me to build two businesses simultaneously and efficiently.

I can’t wait to share then with you!

Tracy Matthews

My passion for design started as a child. I dreamed of creating wedding gowns and growing up, was always an artist in some respect. When I took my first jewelry fabrication class as a college elective, the seed was planted. My instructor became my mentor.

The rest is history. I started my first jewelry business as a hobby, designing for bridal parties, friends and families.

In my twenties, I quit my day job to follow my dream full time. That big leap resulted in my first legitimate brand, Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc.

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