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First off, Happy New Year! I’m so excited to be bringing this podcast into 2016, and I couldn’t thank all of my listeners and Flourish & Thrive Academy designers enough for the amazing response. We hope you continue to join our community and learn from all of our episodes and guests. Here’s to a smashing 2016!

I wanted to kick off Episode #21 with a word on intentions. When I used to teach yoga, I would always start my classes following New Year’s Day with an intention setting session. Learning to set intentions in the context of your business is something we really stress in some of our Flourish & Thrive Academy courses, so I wanted to dedicate today’s episode to helping you set your intentions for 2016! Let’s get started!


Tracy Matthews

My passion for design started as a child. I dreamed of creating wedding gowns and growing up, was always an artist in some respect. When I took my first jewelry fabrication class as a college elective, the seed was planted. My instructor became my mentor.

The rest is history. I started my first jewelry business as a hobby, designing for bridal parties, friends and families.

In my twenties, I quit my day job to follow my dream full time. That big leap resulted in my first legitimate brand, Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc.

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