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As I look out at the world of podcasters I feel sad.

Why? Because I see so many guruoobs selling you the dream that getting sponsors for your show is easy. They tell you to start your show and the sponsors will make it rain hundred dollar bills on you.

They make it seem like every podcast will get sponsors – and that's a lie.

Even the average show on The Podcast Factory network would only attract around $125 in sponsor dollars per episode if we used their classic pay per download model. And that's with 3,000 downloads per show.

Consider this, Libsyn – one of the largest podcast hosting companies and the one I use to host all my shows reports the average show only gets 140 downloads per episode. Using the “going rate” from sponsors that would bring in $5.83 in sponsor dollars per show with two sponsors.

YIkes! That's not even worth rolling out of bed in the morning.

And it's definitely not worth the work of putting your heart and soul into a podcast show hoping that some sponsor is going to come along and sweep you off your feet like you're Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

But worry not my friend,

Because inside the next Podcast Mogul Newsletter you'll get the scoop on how to get sponsors to pay you what you're worth – even if you don't have big download numbers. If you use the four tips I give inside that issue, you'll command four times what the average podcaster gets using silly download numbers.

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Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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