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When you're in the game long enough you start to see patterns.

For instance, two years ago everything was about masterminds and coaching.

One year ago all anyone could talk about was high ticket stuff.

This year is shaping up to be the year of the funnel.

Everywhere I look there's another funnel software created by a funnel expert who wants to help you funnel dough out of your business and into their pockets as quickly as possible.

Sure, some of these so called exspurts are totally legit – but most of them are jumping on the band wagon because it's the hot place to be right now.

The other big problem is they have you believing that without this expensive and complicated software you'll be out of business.

When in fact, the opposite is true.

If you spend too much dough or too much time screwing with this funnel stuff you could fall into a trap you will never recover from.

Fact is you don't need much in the way of a funnel to have a legit business.

You only need some traffic, an optin-page, and a giveaway.

Inside the next Podcast Mogul newsletter I'm going to show you how to funnel listeners from iTunes to your email list using my Triple-D list building method.

The cool part is, even if you don't have a podcast show yet, you can still use my Triple-D method to get people from anywhere they are back to your website and onto your email list.

Whether you're speaking at your local chamber of commerce, delivering a webinar with some friends, or you're a guest on someone's podcast show – my Triple-D list building method will work for you.

Even cooler, you won't need any fancy funnel software to do it.

You can join me and my fellow Podcast Mogul's at http://PodcastMogul.com and kiss your funnel troubles good bye when you read the next issue.

Producer Jonathan


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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